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The year 2022 was endowed with a lot of victories and we thank each God mighty and each and everyone of us who participated to make everything happen.

Here is a highlight of our greatest victories of 2022.


The Segal family foundation prepared a general meeting for organisations from different parts of Tanzania and abroad. The meeting was held with the purpose of streghthening partnerships and networking among the organisations. The organisation representatives also conducted a strategic planing and evaluation for the betterment of their functionality.It was a successful event where the participants were able to learn from each other, connect and establish a common ground that is beneficial for any network.


This December came a bit different for us, making us triumphantly end this year with so much joy and celebration. Earlier this December WILDAF Organisation in Tanzania hosted the ANTIGBV champion awards as a way of acknowledging individuals in the community who are active fighters against violence among women and children in Tanzania.

We are proud to have our director Ms.Faustina Urassa honored with a GBV champion survivor Impact award as an acknowledgment of her great work in society.

Winning this award has proven that disability is not an inability and it has set an example for many people who gave up on their dreams as a result of a disability or obstacles. Faustina stands as an inspiration for people to live a life without limits and to always try regardless of the hurdles posed by life.

Songambele has been greatly humbled by this and it has stirred up the passion for keeping fighting for rights for the marginalized groups in society. We also want to thank everyone because we couldn’t have done it without your support.


Our hearts overflow with sincere gratitude and we are grateful for all that we have achieved this year and we wish for abundance and more for the next one.

2023 lets get there!!!

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